A Fly Fishing Journey for Marketers

As a passionate afficionado of fly-fishing I’ve discovered many valuable lessons in its spirit and its practice .They have always been guiding principles for my business and marketing consultancy. You can easily translate this fly-fishing language into business ideas, are you ready for it?

A long cast. The Negation of Brutality
The first big challenge for any fisherman is casting the line as far as possible to reach those spots of the river where the big fish dwell. It’s not a matter of brutal force, rather technique, and is always considered a critical success factor during a fishing journey. The parallel between business and fishing is the same here.   In the business world, when it comes to money , market reach is not a matter of “brutal force, “ rather more importantly it’s about the smart and skilled use of communication resources.

Segmentation in Fly Fishing Terms
I have never seen a fisherman put his feet in the water without having a clear idea of the type of fish he wanted to catch. The size of the rod, the type of fly and the fishing technique always depend upon the fish “profile”. Everybody is aware of it.  To the contrary I have seen marketers fall so madly in love with their products and creative ideas that they believed they had the universal lure, powerful enough to capture any kind of “fish.”
If some serious segmentation analysis were done before designing a product or launching a marketing campaign, it would make clear universal solutions do not exist.

It´s not just you and your fish. The Context Matters!
Fly-fishing is full of mysteries.  The fish always change their mood and behavior due to many circumstances like time of day, light, water tempearture, the flow of the river and season.  So when you go fishing you cannot be naïve to how this context is influencing your fising trip and how you need to adapt your tactic and your “lure” in order to attract and catch your fish.  Thus, in the business world many market conditions influence consumer attitudes and behaviors. When the impact is high, a  dynamic re-segmentation occurs. .Are you considering  these phenomena  when you are implementing your marketing strategies?  How flexible are these strategies to adapt to different “weather conditions” and consumer trends?

Patience, Discipline and Joy
I’ve learned patience is the essence of fly-fishing.  This is not a sport for the anxious.  It is, in the end, a beautiful expression of the art of living a timeless experience.  If you are an anxious person, the business world will always be a rush against the clock for you.  If you take your time to dive into deep waters you will certainly discover that it is long-term vision and long term goals that prove to be the strength of a business.  Doing business without vision is empty of meaning and the emphasis on short-term profits only lead to short-term thinking.

Finally, Joy- don’t you think being happy is the only thing that gives a sense to your journey?  If you are a businessman or woman, a marketer or a manager, do your best to find the joy in every working day of your life.